A r i a 空气 · 咏叹调



来自香蕉鱼书店及其背后的香蕉鱼影像书籍出版社A Perfect Book的夏天制作,陈思然的个人摄影作品集。

more here: www.a-perfectbook.com

Photographer's statement 摄影师自述:



Bananafish Books is very proud to announce it's first publication, A r i a, a new photobook by Chen Siran which is also the first book of the photographer.

A r i a: melody of air.

There are 30 images accompanied by three letters written by Siran. Together they are trying to relocate a passing past. Each small peculiarity indicates its weak and fake side, while all creates a countless power to face reality, an infinite world around us.

The book is released under the name of our publisher: A Perfect Book. More info please visit: www.a-perfectbook.com.

Chen Siran is a female photographer currently living and working in the city of Beijing.

For international order, please get in touch: bananafishbooks@gmail.com

页数:46 pages

尺寸:22.8 cm × 16.0 cm

印刷:full color, offset printed, matt paper
装帧:perfect bound 胶装,封面凸版印刷

印量:400 本

出品:A Perfect Book

Price: 11 USD

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