Mountain Quiz 2954m

Masanao Hirayama

Born in Kobe, artist Masanao Hirayama creates works that are disarmingly simple, with childlike lines and abstractly sketched forms. “Mountain Quiz” comprises a series of untitled drawings of notable mountains. The only clue he gives as to their identity is the elevation. From famous peaks like Everest, Kilimanjaro, Fuji, and the Matterhorn, to volcanoes such as Mauna Kea, Mount St. Helens, Vesuvius, and Krakatau, and a long list of lesser-known mountains, Hirayama diligently draws the most recognisable features of each landmark. He even includes a wild card, which turns out to be the tallest planetary mountain in the solar system. A paperboard insert lists the answers.

尺寸:25 x 19 cm
印刷:ills colour & bw

出版:Rollo Press
作者:Masanao Hirayama

Price: 23 USD

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