THERIACA Shapes and Forms: Clothes, The Body

Asuka Hamada

This volume was first published on the event of the first-ever large-scale exhibition for fashion label THERIACA, founded by Berlin-based fashion designer Asuka Hamada, at the Iwami Art Museum in Shimane Prefecture, Japan. In the text, we see Hamada ―constantly experimenting in the pursuit of new forms of fashion ― craft garments with shapes based off of “objects,” as opposed to those of human beings. One finds a collection of new pieces imbued with such forms, as well as other works that re-evaluate the most essential elements of clothing through Hamada’s own unique perspective.

The catalog is composed by three different parts: the first entitled Objects, which reimagines “objects” we are all familiar with into works of clothing; Bed Sheets, the second, reflects her inspiration in changing single pieces of cloth into pieces of clothing; and the third, Shapes, depicts geometric shapes, such as circles and squares, rendered into the forms of garments. This volume also serves as the first art-book for THERIACA, replete with ideas and design notes by designer Asuka Hamada. The pieces within are not the objects we are familiar with, while yet they appear different from conventional clothing; her works are peculiar, showing sophistication with traces of humor. Hamada seems to push the envelope of what we define as “clothing”: providing us with enjoyment while similarly proposing to us new forms of fashion.

尺寸:14.8 x 21 cm

出版:torch press
作者:Asuka Hamada

Price: 30 USD

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