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Hiroshi Sugito

Hiroshi Sugito has constructed his own unique style of painting through the delicate exchanges between the concrete and the abstract; stories and paintings. Cars, houses, trees, starry skies drawn from pale pastels — soft objects that children would enjoy drawing — come into union as horizon lines, triangles, rectangles, and other geometric figures come to interlace with one another, giving life to multi-layered compositions. Within this, one can how see a small particle, such as a drop of rain, comes to take on both color and shape while expanding into space — a sensation one can seem to feel with the entire body.

This volume serves as a catalog for the ongoing exhibition of the same name currently on display at the Toyota Municipal Musem of Art. It guides the reader through the exhibition space as you turn the pages, composed from the vision manifested as it exists within Sugito’s mind. Even if the viewer of the volume has been not to the exhibition space, one can experience the poetic sentiment and architectural geometry that combine to create his paintings — where one’s imagination can freely roam from delicate features and outwards into the expansion of space of the universe. The exhibition also features “spiders,” a collaboration with architect Jun Aoki (born in 1956) and Masayuki Oishi (born in 1979). Installation views, while interwoven with works such as photographs that Sugito himself has taken, capture the undulations that flow within this space — born from the resonance of painting and architecture — into a single volume.

尺寸:25.7 x 18.2 cm

出版:torch press
作者:Hiroshi Sugito


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