Bridget Riley

Michio Hayashi, Yukiko Kato, Kiyoko Maeda

The Bridget Riley Paintings from the 1960s to the Present exhibition, currently on display at Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art, features the works of British artist Bridget Riley — a painter known for her use of geometric patterns in rendering the sense of movement within her canvases; it is her first solo exhibition in Japan in 38 years. This exhibition in particular features over 30 of her paintings spanning over the course of her career. Whether it be her black-and-white pieces from the 1960s, stripe paintings from the 1970s, her curved-line pieces from the 1990s, or her mural works in more recent years, we see her manipulations of color and shape give way to numerous pieces powerfully appealing to the human eye, with constructions that continue to bewitch viewers to this day.

This text acts functions as a catalog for the aforementioned exhibition, where we not only introduce pieces and works on display, but also detailed illustrations of all sizes and measurements of the works. Bringing together commentary by Michio Hayashi and Yukiko Kato, this volume amply works in introducing the sense of aesthetic present in her pieces.

尺寸:25.7 x 18.2 cm

出版:torch press
作者:Michio Hayashi, Yukiko Kato, Kiyoko Maeda

Price: 96 USD

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