Would you rather ...

Mara ZüstChristoph Elias Meier

The children’s book Would you rather... by English Author and Illustrator John Burningham was first published in 1979. Christoph Elias Meier and Mara Züst took Burningham's incantation one step further and adapted the book’s meaning so that it asks about the essence of the things. Now these things, often forgotten about, but nevertheless populating our world, can be grasped by pondering wonderful and ample questions. This creates a game of foolish ventures, mental leaps and revocable choices, accompanied by fascinating illustrations made out of sand by Carolina Cerbaro.

Christoph Elias Meier studied history, politics and political economics and runs the writing and thinking studio schreib-service.ch. He is also part of the Wrongbrothers INC. Mara Züst studied history, art history and visual communications. She works as an artist, mediator and researcher and is the person in charge of the estate of Andreas Züst which runs the Bibliothek Andreas Züst, Oberegg (AI). Carolina Cerbaro studied visual communications and works as a graphic designer and artist. She is specialized in print and wallpainting. Furthermore she works as a mediator. They all live and work in Zurich.

Nieves Books是一家位于瑞士苏黎世的独立出版社,由平面设计师Benjamin Sommerhalder成立于2001年,专注于出版艺术家书籍和Zines. Nieves,这间品味独特的出版社和小书店,将简单而充满艺术气息的书籍于读者间传阅欣赏的同时,也将zines的独立自由精神传播至世界各地。

尺寸:20 x 22.3 cm
印刷:Color Offset

出品:Nieves Books(苏黎世)
作者:Mara ZüstChristoph Elias Meier

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