Coming Back is Half the Trip

Geoff McFetridge

这几年世界上最火的艺术家之一当属 Geoff McFetridge了。Geoff McFetridge 是一位来自美国洛杉矶的视觉艺术家,擅长通过简单的画风去表达高深的讯息,观众看久了便会自然进入他的想像空间里到处漫游。“我一直热衷于创造有趣的作品,影像和语言之间的谎言:影像即是你的脑中解读的语言,而不是被视为空间或物理的东西。我一直试图捕捉让人感同身受的时刻,希望给观众有所共鸣。”

Coming Back Is Half The Trip consists of studies for paintings and sculptures shown in his fourth solo exhibition with V1 Gallery / Eighteen in Copenhagen. The book, in conjunction with the exhibition, offers new approaches to cognition. McFetridge ventures on to the ledge of meaning, bringing us with him on a trip that we can sense, but struggle to verbalize. A meditative, empathic state of mind, where we are connected beyond time and words in recognition of our complex existence. Visual art.

Geoff McFetridge, (b. Calgary 1971, Canada) is a Los Angeles based artist and multidisciplinary auteur. Instinctively ignoring creative boundaries, McFetridge has created paintings, drawings and sculpture, poetry and animation, graphics and ceramics, title sequences and artistic direction for movies (Virgin Suicides, Adaptation, Where The Wild Things Are and HER) and wallpaper. He has exhibited widely throughout Europe, America and Japan.

Nieves Books是一家位于瑞士苏黎世的独立出版社,由平面设计师Benjamin Sommerhalder成立于2001年,专注于出版艺术家书籍和Zines. Nieves,这间品味独特的出版社和小书店,将简单而充满艺术气息的书籍于读者间传阅欣赏的同时,也将zines的独立自由精神传播至世界各地。

尺寸:19.5 x 25.5 cm
印刷:b/w/red Offset

出品:Nieves Books(苏黎世)
作者:Geoff McFetridge

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