The 3rd Summer Palace

Ruohong Wu

Of a recent visit to the Old Summer Palace in Beijing...the curiosity of how culture is perceived distinctly through time and generation, from an empirical place for the king to escape the cruel summer to a popular photo spot, from idiosyncratic to touristic, from exclusive to popular, from modern to out-of-date. The symbolic meaning of ornamentation or the typology of space become pieces of montage on the digital screen. It is of different periods of time intersected between each other, erasing, copying from the different piece of the reality and inserting new elements.

关于艺术出版社 RUJA BOOKS

由旅英中国建筑师吴若鸿(RU)和西班牙建筑师,插画师Jose Ja Ja Ja 于2013年联合创立的出版社。所有出版作品皆由两人创作发表。RUJA希望通过出版物的形式将他们的艺术理念平易近人的传递给大家,让艺术创作从画廊走入生活中。

尺寸:32 cm x 24 cm

作者:Ruohong Wu

Price: 24 USD

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