Where are you trying to get to?vol.02

Kaixin & Ki Won


Volume 2 of this moving-capture photographic series captured is in colour. The excess speed of the movement causes the city to rupture as if in an earthquake, exposing a multitude of reds, blues and greens. Strange phenomena are revealed. A man on the station platform in such a rush he lets his head and feet depart first, and what remains of him waits with his luggage. Frenetic motion has scrambled the letters on the platform sign until their meaning is scattered, never to be found on any map. (Google maps) Using Risograph printing technique, the computerised colour grading and transference to printing plates constitutes the second disaster for these images. Colours on the risograph plates become detached from their natural appearance in reality, causing a further acceleration. The resulting images appear to be captured from a speeding bullet train. Everything that happens en route to the destination is unexpected, which is dangerous and interesting.

尺寸:10.5 x 42 cm
印刷:risograph 五色/四色/三色印刷

出版:Thursday Free
作者:Kaixin & Ki Won

Price: 22 USD

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