Akinori Oishi 大石晓规

Akinori Oishi 大石晓规,日本知名艺术家及平面设计师,1972年生于大阪。大石晓规从旅游世界发现创作的灵感,他以简单的线条勾勒出富有故事性的微笑表情,被称为是他最具代表性的作品 AKI SMILE,从充满欢笑的笑脸王国,找到让人持续温暖的力量。Akinori Oishi 受邀到亚洲和欧洲各地空间举办个展,在玻璃上画画和出品各类微笑玩具产品。

香蕉鱼非常荣幸为艺术家Akinori Oishi出版了他的微笑小人书《游乐场 PLAYGROUND》,Risograph印刷,布面丝网印刷精装本,限量300本。

The book is a series of little smiley characters by Akinori Oishi, the classical AKI SMILES for happy, or sad days, the power of warmth. Risograph printed by Pausebread Press in Shanghai.Limited Edition of 300. Letterpress cover of an AKI type for PLAYGROUND.

About Akinori Oishi:

Born in 1972 Osaka, Japan" Aki's tiny characters make filled the happiness. It is a self-confessed "DRAWAHOLIC" : the best known for his Smile language that seem s to have no beginning or end. "

Akinori is an internationally acclaimed multimedia artist from Japan. He studied fine arts at Kyoto City University of Art, and later developed skills in multimedia at IAMAS (International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences/Japan).

By his project of IAMAS, winning the New Talent Competition Award at MILIA (International Multi-media Fair in France) in 2001, he moved to France in order to continue his artistic career there. His work was featured in the opening exhibition of French contemporary art museum, Palais de Tokyo in Paris. He later served as a guest lecturer at ECAL (Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne / University of Art and Design Lausanne) in Switzerland.

In 2004, Akinori returned to Japan to teach at the Tama Art University in Tokyo. Since his return, he has been active in the Japanese art scene, illustartions, and advertisements with Coca Cola Japan on a variety of animation projects for TV commercials.

In these years he works also for China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Jury members of Hiii Illustration Competition 2016 (Nanjing), Art Toy Figures / FluffyHouse (Hong Kong) and Syntrend department store, Fubon Art Foundation (Taipei).

尺寸:14 x 20 cm
页码:52 pages
装帧:锁线胶装 布面丝网印刷
印量:300 本
时间:2018年12月 第一版


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