Structure Series

Philippe Weisbecker

艺术家 Philippe Weisbecker 希望人们可以重新审视日常物件的内在:“旧用品、工具、设备、材料、厂房,这些都不会因为实用而受到特别的关注。实用是必须满足的基本需求,美或丑则不是必要的考虑。但在向着实用进化的过程中,这些物件展现出了一种未经加工的,本质的美,我被它们所深深吸引。”


Following Greenhouse Studies, Philippe Weisbecker's attention was drawn to other architectural structures, the ones visible on the outer walls of early 20th century industrial buildings. They are made of steel or concrete beams assembled together and holding an apparatus of bricks and mortar. Even though these structures may appear very similar for their overall shape, they differ greatly in order to ensure the weight distribution necessary to the stability of the edifice.

16 Pages
19.5 x 29.7 cm

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